Drive in Green, Guest Post by Apple Aviles

Ecofriendly cars are now growing in numbers, though they have different specifications when you browse them one by one. So now, what exactly do ecofriendly cars mean? In this article, we will list the things you should look when considering a vehicle as one that is green and friendly to the environment.

Types of Green Cars

1. Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles are a result of combination of electric propulsion system and a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system. This type of car uses electric powertrains to have more efficient fuel consumptions for the car owners. There is also better performance experienced when driving this car. There are many luxury cars being manufactured and converted to hybrid, including sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, buses and tractors.

2. Battery Electric Vehicles

Another type of electric vehicle is powered by batteries. This utilizes chemical energy that is inside rechargeable battery packs. Rather than using internal combustion engines for propulsion and unlike hybrid cars, battery electric automobiles make use of electric motors and motor controllers where it derives its power. So you won’t need to locate a gas station or fuel supplier to drive your vehicle.

3. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle uses batteries as well but this one specializes in another energy storage device. Rechargeable batteries are used up to regain a fully charged vehicle by plugging the vehicle to a power source. If you have a garage that has an electric outlet, that will suffice to supply power to the car and make it move.

4. Compressed-air Vehicles

Fired by air engines, compressed-air vehicles come with a tank that consists of a mixture of air and fuel. The idea is that the efficiency of the engine is powered by expanding compressed air to drive pistons. This type of car is not manufactured in high volumes yet, but it will be incorporated as a type of hybrid car or those with battery electric propulsion.

5. Natural Gas Vehicles

Not to be confused with cars fueled by propane, natural gas vehicles are ran using ordinary gasoline, compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas as opposed to using other fossil fuels. So among all of these five vehicles in the list, this one is probably the most used currently, particularly in countries like Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, Argentina, India and other locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Alternative Ways to Drive in Green

If you don’t have the money to pay for these special cars, you can do the following with your pre-owned cars to drive the green way:

1. Plan Your Route

Knowing which route to take before your travel is aimed at going through roads with smoother traffic that will reduce your gas consumption. This route may be the shortest distance to get to your destination or the one where you can avoid the heaviest traffic down the road.

2. Metal Stamping

Car manufacturers now use lighter metals to shape metals on cars. This is called metal stamping, a technique that makes good use of electromagnetic pulses to create lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Incorporating aluminum parts, cars are stamped into shape with electric currents that produce magnetic field that repel the metal into a mold. This then can translate a steel automobile to an aluminum based body, talking about half the weight out of a regular car.

3. Don’t Go Over-speeding

You’re not driving a race car and you are not being chased by anyone. Don’t pretend that you are the king of the road when you are not. When driving, it’s better to avoid hard braking and accelerating rapidly to consume less fuel. In regular driving conditions, you should not drive beyond the automobile manufacturer’s suggested optimum speed for the car. Not only will this practice enable you to have environmental-friendly measures, but your vehicle will tend to also wear out in a slower rate.

To save fuel consumption, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, you can purchase hybrid and green cars that are now available in the market. Else if you can’t afford these luxuries, you can still drive in green by following the alternatives shared above.

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Apple is a clayist, band vocalist and OPM enthusiast. Also likes interests, driving, metal stamping, art,skin tattoos and photography – learned some of it. She is currently working for a company as a social media specialist.

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